📚 Finished reading The Harvest Gypsies by John Steinbeck, a collection of articles he wrote before working on The Grapes of Wrath. Such clearly-written, simple, powerful and moving articles about refugees in California in the 1930s.

The migrants are needed, and they are hated.

We finished the final two parts of I May Destroy You last night. Such a powerful, thoughtful drama of emotional highs and lows over its twelve episodes, which made me feel very old. None of the characters are likeable all the time, but they all come across as human and authentic.

Updating the maps on my Garmin cycle sat-nav is an excruciating affair. Download speeds via the Express (!) app that make it feel like I am draining a bath with a syringe. Been going for nearly 12 hours and not done yet. Still, I did get to see and screen grab this gem.

So lovely to receive some random vinyl in the post from a friend. There was no note, so I had to track them down. Random gifts out of the blue are so great, no matter whether you’re sending or receiving.

Does anyone have any good gift ideas for an 11 year old boy? We don’t have long to go until your youngest’s birthday and are stuck for ideas; web searches generally just yield tat which will be fun for five minutes.

So good to have the F1 back again. Incredible job by everyone involved in order to stage a race. Action throughout, with three different teams on the podium. I’m looking forward to next weekend already.

Tried to save myself some cash by replacing the rechargeable battery in my Garmin Edge Touring. Battery replacement went well, but now the touch screen always thinks I’m pressing the bottom left of the device. Now have a new screwdriver set, battery and a busted Garmin.