Mrs D prepped lunch for us both last night. Giant couscous, mango, halloumi, leaves. Beautiful. Had my half from the fridge at lunchtime and thought ‘that was a bit heavy’. Went back to the fridge later and found my portion in a bowl. I’d eaten everything else. So stuffed.

🎶 Listening to the Bill Evans Trio play Porgy (I Loves You Porgy) at the Village Vanguard. I know that hearing the chatter from the crowd is part of the recording’s charm, but who the heck were these people, laughing while the magic was being created in front of their ears‽

Bought my train ticket for a visit to the office tomorrow, my first in 18 months. I know how privileged I’ve been to have worked from home all this time, and I have mixed emotions about going back. It’ll be interesting to see how I feel about it 24 hours from now.

🎙I’ve had so much value out of the WB-40 podcast and the wonderful community that they’ve built over the past few years. Looking forward to the next set of interesting guests and conversations they have lined up when they return this month.

📺 Still thinking about Lovers Rock (2020) today. I can’t put my finger on why it was so magical, so have been looking at reviews. This one nails it.

It’s a scene of such intense communal joy that watching it alone on your couch during this time almost feels like a betrayal.

🎶 It’s still exciting to get music turning up in the mail, especially when it has travelled from a long way away.