Planning to go on the People’s Vote march on Saturday. My young boys are currently debating whether to come with me. I went on the anti-war march in London in 2003 and it didn’t stop anything, but it feels wrong not to participate and just watch this car crash happen.

Watched Rear Window (1954) with my two young boys last night. They loved it! Both were hiding their faces in their hands at the climatic scene, and questioning whether it should be a PG. Hitchcock continues to thrill after all these years. My favourite film.

Ordering pre-release stuff months in advance is great. When it turns up out of the blue, it’s like a little random present from your past self. Looking forward to getting stuck into this.

Loving the Dear Data project. Beautiful visualisations, one a week, recorded analogue on a postcard and sent across the Atlantic to a partner doing the same thing back at you. What a massive commitment this represents.