📺 Just finished watching season 3 of Spiral (or Engrenages if you’re French.) It took a couple of seasons to get going, but it is well into its stride now. A brilliant mix of characters that are all flawed in their own way. I’m so glad we still have five seasons to watch.

📚 Finished reading Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu. A vampire novella published 25 years before Bram Stoker’s Dracula. For a reader in 2021 the plot was obvious and not scary at all, but I can see why this is considered an important book given the context.

At a free Meetup. Someone posts this into the chat window as the speaker is getting warmed up. Why would you do this? There’s no obligation to be here!

📚 Started reading Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu. It’s time for a little 19th century gothic horror. Pushkin Press books are typically superb.

📚 Finished reading Forever Employable by Jeff Gothelf. Very short; more of a long essay than a book. Gives a basic framework for how to start building a career around your own personal brand, and a few useful questions to ask yourself before you set out.

📚 Other than the fact it’s April, this was a perfect highlight to pop into my inbox this morning.

📚 Read The Forgotten Village by John Steinbeck. Weird little book, with every page containing a grainy still of the film of the same name alongside a small snippet of text. Better to watch the film than to read this, but the film isn’t that great either.

Starlings have taken to nesting in the eaves of our house every year, always in the same spot. They are beautiful, and make the most lovely noises. Their nesting site is too high to see, but we get to hear the chicks when the parents return.

📚 Finished reading The Pearl by John Steinbeck. A simple, beautiful and tragic tale whose characters are immediately knowable. Steinbeck had written a couple of paragraphs in Sea Of Cortez some years earlier which gave a general outline of the story.