📚 Finished reading George Michael’s Faith by Matthew Horton. What a treat to dive into the details of the album. Michael seems doomed to be underrated by some because of the boy-band image of Wham!, but he and his work were incredible. Such versatility and dedication.

📷 Thanks to the staff member at Rough Trade in NYC who responded to my question of “Where’s good to hear some live music in the city?” with a handwritten list on a sticky note.

List of music venues in NYC on a yellow sticky note, with a Rough Trade store sign in the background.

A totally normal random text message from my local power distributor, who have never been in contact before. Nothing to worry about, I’m sure. 😬

📚 I love preordering a book and having it turn up months later. This popped through the letterbox yesterday. Can’t wait to read it.

I really wish Planview LeanKit had a lower cost tier for individuals. Nothing I’ve seen comes close to its flexibility in creating and managing Kanban boards. I’ve struggled with long to-do lists for years and think this would help, but $240/year is a lot.

🎶 It’s Album Club #138. One of the many, many, reasons I love it is that I get to hear bands like this. A band whose name I’ve known since I was young, but I’ve never heard anything beyond the odd radio-friendly single.

Registered my interest at Solar Together. I’ve never had a quote for solar panels before, have no idea whether our roof is suitable and don’t know how much they would cost. But this seems as good a way as any to find out.

📚 Finished reading Africa Is Not A Country by Dipo Faloyin. A fascinating book which takes many different approaches to explaining Africa. Colonial history, stories of individual countries and their people, and dissection of the impact of Band Aid on perception of the continent.

📚 Finished reading The Lyrics by Paul McCartney. The idea of this book is an interesting one, given the traditional thinking that McCartney was known for his melodies and Lennon for his words. But it’s an enjoyable read, albeit one not filled with many surprises.