Got a personal Yodeck player up and running at home. Bought the Raspberry Pi 4 directly from them, shipped and delivered in just a few days. Running Sky News from YouTube plus a carousel of weather, clocks and social media feeds. Need some more ideas for the display now.

Surprised they’ve stuck to the format of two halves for each game in this World Cup.

You’d think they would have split them into FOUR QATARS.

📚 Finished reading Glyph by Adriana Caneva, Shiro Nishimoto and Anna Davies. A pretty little book with lots of interesting nuggets of information on the symbols we see and use, alongside beautiful examples in different typefaces.

Really enjoying digging into the ooh! directory. Blogging is alive and well in 2022. I love the 1990’s-era Yahoo!-style taxonomical approach to the listings, including the ‘NEW!’ badges. I’ve found some great blogs that I’ll be adding to my Feedbin.

🎫 I have three tickets to the amazing Kathryn Joseph at the Islington Assembly Hall in London tonight that I can’t use. Please let me know if you are interested in them. No charge!

Ran out of kettle de-scaler, so I used Google Lens to search for the product using a photo of its bar code. I think the results are a bit too literal.

📚 Pledged for a copy of LAN Party, a crowdfunded book about multiplayer gaming in the days where everyone had to bring their kit and wire it together.

New experience last night. At some point I was dreaming about being on a football pitch doing some warm ups with a bunch of other people. Someone had a shot at goal and I dived to cover the ball, then woke up as I found myself actually diving out of bed towards the floor.

Nearly had a heart attack twice last night — ironically — when the GoodSAM app went off. I love being part of the service, but I can’t seem to find a way to mute it at night. Ambulance services must be really struggling as I’ve had three alerts in the past 24 hours.

Wearing a suit that I haven’t had on for a while. Turns out ‘a while’ is two and a half years. Found tickets to a concert from the before-times in my jacket.