I love this time of year. The big beech tree in our garden has all its buds ready to go. They all seem to unfurl on the same day in one big explosion of green.

It’s not often that you get a flat tyre riding on a turbo trainer. Had to abandon my ride this morning. Inner tube had a puncture but I can’t work out where I picked it up from as the tyre looks fine. 🤷‍♂️

Had our first ‘virtual’ school governor meeting tonight. Impressed that everyone worked out how to use Microsoft Teams. Not quite the same as being there but close enough. Amazing how many actions and concerns we had last time seem trivial given the new context we are living in.

What do other runners use to track their heart rates on iOS now that Strava doesn’t do it? I’ve tried using Wahoo but it’s rubbish — the heart rate gets stuck at the same number for the first part of the run, despite using a Wahoo Kickr monitor. Is there anything better?