🎬 Flicking through Disney+ last night I watched Steamboat Willie (1928). Contains a cat that chews tobacco and spits on himself, and a vicious Mickey Mouse who strangles a tune out of a duck, then kicks a piglet off its mother so he can play music on her teats. Different times!

Excited that my Luminelle Records parcel made it here from the US. I’m not sure I’ve ever been this into a record label before. All of their artists I’ve heard so far have been excellent.

📷 Berkhamsted, UK // 14 Oct 2020 // 7:47am

The view from just outside my garden office. A chilly morning, with clouds that look like they are from an oil painting. Work started very early today.

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I have a 4am start tomorrow to coordinate some IT infra work in Beijing. Past experience tells me it’s a roll of the dice as to whether I’ll be fully ‘with it’ or not. I secretly quite like having the excuse to quit the day and go up to bed three hours earlier than usual.

Damn you, The Economist, for your 50% off an annual subscription offer. I’m like the Boris Johnson of Economist readers — I want the job, but I’ll struggle to do the work.

The only thing to do is to let the offer linger in my inbox for a few days before deleting it.