What’s the etiquette with raising feature requests for open source projects in GitHub? I only see an ‘Issues’ tab, but the text at the top says “If you have a bug or an idea…” (emphasis mine.) Does it depend on the project?

Great to see JP Rangaswami’s blog back online. I’ve often thought about posts that I’ve read there many years afterwards when something comes up at work. Hopefully the Google web crawler will get to work quickly to make it all searchable again.

Sounds just like old times around here with a helicopter going overhead every few minutes following the British Grand Prix.

🎶 Every time we get a hot night like tonight, Squeeze’s This Summer whirls in my brain.

This summer we’ve pulled all the sheets off the bed
I’m so happy I can’t get you out of my head

📚 Started reading this. Interesting chapter on definitions. Being ‘not racist’ is argued as being racist if it maintains the inequity of the status quo.

Having nearly all of the foliage removed from our back garden revealed this magnificent-looking creature. No idea what it is.

📚 Finished reading Burning Bright by John Steinbeck. Compared to most of his other works up to this point, this is a big disappointment. The story felt obvious, and surprisingly slow for such a short book. I didn’t understand the change of setting with each chapter. Not good.

📚 Finished reading A Russian Journal by John Steinbeck. A small, interesting snapshot of parts of the Soviet Union a couple of years after the end of World War II. I’m not sure how valuable this trip was to a broader understanding in the west, but it’s a worthwhile piece.

📺 Finished all of Engrenages/Spiral tonight. What a brilliant programme. It took a couple of seasons to get into its stride but when it did, I really got to love the characters and the slow-burn plot developments. Sad that it’s all over, but so glad to have seen it.

🚴 Day off today. Getting some rest in ahead of my first Audax ride tomorrow. Excited and slightly nervous.

🎶 With it already having a million views I know I am late to the party, but better late than never. This is beautiful, and been whirling around my head for the past week.