My Nan is so lovely. When I was a teenager, my brothers and I started calling our mum ‘Mumm-ra’, after the Thundercats character. So then dad became Dad-ra and my nan ended up as Nan-ra. She wrote me a letter this week and is still using it 🥰

📚 I don’t understand. There are recipies and techniques online for adding egg to coffee granules before brewing, but the point here seems to be the eggshell. What am I missing?

📚 Finished reading The Treasures of Queen. Aimed at casual fans, it gives a basic chronology and overview of the band’s history. There was no depth and it felt lazily edited; the penultimate chapter was written in 2011 and not updated, with a final chapter bolted on the end.

🎬 Elliot Roberts’ video review of The Beatles: Get Back is absolutely spot-on. Makes me want to go back and watch it all over again. I hadn’t realised how much technology had been used in improving the sound and picture quality of the raw material.

I’m planning to open a kitchenware store in Barbados, having thought of the name this evening.

Pyrex of the Caribbean.

🎶 I don’t often watch multi-hour videos on YouTube, but this is an incredible labour of love. All of Paul McCartney’s albums ranked from worst to best with detailed explanations as to why. Amazing video. I haven’t heard them all but I generally agree with the rankings.

🚲 Uh-oh! Time to get a new turbo trainer tyre. First time I’ve worn one of these out. It’s done 18 months service. I’ve only just noticed that it is split in different places almost all the way around.

📚 It seems as though producer George Martin might have invented karaoke. Perhaps the world wasn’t ready for it.

🎬 East of Eden (1955). Interesting screen adaptation of the final part of the novel. James Dean is amazing, and reminded me a little of Leonardo DiCaprio. Differences with the book were plentiful, and it was bizarre that the character of Lee was completely omitted. Good watch.

📚 Finished reading East of Eden by John Steinbeck. I hadn’t read this since I was a teenager. Coming back to it as an adult, with children of my own, the characters and story are much more relatable. I found myself highlighting many passages of wonderful Steinbeck prose.