This sign has been messing with me every time I walk past it. Like an unsorted spreadsheet. I’m itching to rearrange it.

Great to hear Dick Moore give an interesting talk on emotional health and wellbeing at our primary school last night. Very well-attended by parents from lots of local schools. An excellent speaker who really got me thinking about how well I’m doing as a parent, in every sense.

Feeling terrible about having forfeited yesterday’s Learned League match. Woke up in a panic but I was too late already. First time forfeiter and hopefully last time too. Apologies to my opponent. Consoling myself with the fact I would only have got one correct answer anyway.

Really thoughtful random gift from a colleague today. My boys and I will get a lot of joy from dipping into this.

I can’t recall many times that I’ve come home from a summer holiday to find it much hotter than where I left. San Francisco had turned chilly whereas it is sweltering at home. The boys are struggling with their jet lag and decided it was time for a meal at 3am today.

The Golden Gate Bridge from Alcatraz. Everything around was in beautiful sunshine but the bridge was almost totally obscured by mist.

Wonderful day today, kayaking with sea otters and seals in Moss Landing in the morning, followed by a few hours in the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas in the afternoon. Food for the soul.