Our youngest boy starts secondary school for the first time today. The eldest is back on Monday. Feels like another step towards normal life. I have my fingers and toes crossed that it lasts and we don’t find them both back at home in a state of lockdown again.

Since Strava dropped support for heart rate monitors I’ve been trying to find an iOS app to track my run data that syncs/uploads to Strava. All seem to struggle with HRM accuracy. TrainerRoad tracks HR great on the bike, so I know it’s not a hardware problem. What do people use?

Had Brightwell Aerials install Ethernet from my router, over my house roof and down to my garden office today. Excellent job. I’ve gone from having 8Mbps download ‘if the door is open and nobody is downloading an Xbox update’ to over 200Mbps. It’s like Christmas has come early.

Used Strava’s ‘suggested route’ for a run in the countryside this morning. There were footpaths but they seemed seldom used, so it turned into a mini jungle adventure. Finally gave up and backtracked when I entered a field and found a bunch of hungry cows running towards me.

I’ve been trying out Readwise to re-surface my Kindle highlights. It’s good, but it still feels like a poor cousin to the Readmill experience.

I think of this passage often when I feel annoyed, particularly at the kids. The annoyance is mine to control and not their fault.

Hopped on the turbo trainer for my usual Saturday morning session and found that I can’t shift gears. Our local bike shop has a backlog of a month, so it looks like I’m going to be a runner for the next four weeks.

Last week it was so hot in the UK, with the odd thunderstorm and downpour, it felt as though we had suddenly turned into Singapore. I even started to get weird new visitors to my office that I had never seen before.