People are so lovely. We’ve had countless check-ins from friends offering to get shopping for us while we’re isolating, and our dear friends a few doors down dropped a ‘reverse trick or treat’ parcel of goodies on our doorstep. Feeling very looked-after.

🦠 We just had a call from the government track and trace team. Five days after getting a test and two days after getting a positive result. How can they expect to get virus transmission under control when everything takes this long?

🦠 Son felt ill on Friday night, took him for a COVID-19 test on Saturday at 10am. Tested positive, but only got the result on Tuesday afternoon. Track and trace with those he was in contact with only really happening now. Not exactly ‘world beating’.

Met with the founders of Readwise yesterday to talk about my experience of using the platform, and the Readmill-shaped hole in my life. There is so much more to Readwise than first meets the eye. I’m now in the process of consolidating all of my highlights and quotes there.

🎬 Flicking through Disney+ last night I watched Steamboat Willie (1928). Contains a cat that chews tobacco and spits on himself, and a vicious Mickey Mouse who strangles a tune out of a duck, then kicks a piglet off its mother so he can play music on her teats. Different times!

Excited that my Luminelle Records parcel made it here from the US. I’m not sure I’ve ever been this into a record label before. All of their artists I’ve heard so far have been excellent.

📷 Berkhamsted, UK // 14 Oct 2020 // 7:47am

The view from just outside my garden office. A chilly morning, with clouds that look like they are from an oil painting. Work started very early today.

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I have a 4am start tomorrow to coordinate some IT infra work in Beijing. Past experience tells me it’s a roll of the dice as to whether I’ll be fully ‘with it’ or not. I secretly quite like having the excuse to quit the day and go up to bed three hours earlier than usual.