🎙 This is amazing. Brian May only discovered that his solo album Back To The Light was unavailable when he was trying to create an Instagram Story, looking for one of his own songs to accompany the post.

Redactle #19 completely defeated me. I’m going to have limit my time or number of guesses in the future, as trying to complete one could easily spill into hours. Once you know the answer it all makes sense, but there was no way I was ever going to find it.

Redactle is insanely difficult. You have to guess the title of the heavily-redacted Wikipedia page, which reveals its contents to you as you find the redacted words. I solved my first one today in a pitiful 160 guesses; my wife is very smug that she did it in 59.

📷 Not long now until the beech trees that line our back gardens burst out with their fresh leaves. The vivid green colour of new leaves is startling. They will also drastically reduce the amount of bird mess landing on our decking below.