📚 Finished reading Team Topologies by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais. Excellent concepts, and I love the idea of deliberately thinking about what teams you have and how they interact. Would love to read more case studies of applying the thinking, especially beyond software.

📺 Finished watching Dark on Netflix, a German drama of epic scope and complexity. It started out as a spooky murder mystery but soon took a dramatic turn into something else entirely. Thoroughly recommended.

Modern times. Just had an email from the bank to tell me the savings interest rate is changing from 0.15% to 0.09% per annum.

Giving rice cakes another go as a healthy snack. Tasty, but they always seem to result in my immediate surroundings being covered in Pompeii-levels of debris.

Completed a year’s cycle of home lockdown haircuts yesterday. The clippers have been a great investment.

My wife: “I think I’ve made it too short at the back.”

Me: “Don’t worry, nobody ever sees the back.”

📚 The word ‘microteam’ is dropped into chapter 3 of Team Topologies like it is a common, well-understood term. Given the size and shape of our IT department I am intrigued by the concept but couldn’t find much out there that talks to this.

Donated to the Tyr Abad Outdoor Education Centre charity in Wales. My secondary school jointly owned the centre and we used to go at least once a year. Even the punishments from the teachers, usually for talking after hours, gave us funny, happy memories. COVID-19 means no trips.

A law of online meetups and webinars: By the time you are 25% through the session, someone will have sent an email to all participants asking if the session will be recorded.