There is a direct correlation between how popular a restaurant is and how passive-aggressive their signage can be. I love the ‘ENJOY’ afterthought.

📷 Wild raccoon in Central Park. Never seen one before. Looked a bit tentative as I jogged past it; I wasn’t sure whether it would run at me or run away.

This Twitter thread is the best simple-language explainer I’ve seen of the events of the past week in the UK economy.

📚 Finished reading George Michael’s Faith by Matthew Horton. What a treat to dive into the details of the album. Michael seems doomed to be underrated by some because of the boy-band image of Wham!, but he and his work were incredible. Such versatility and dedication.

📷 Thanks to the staff member at Rough Trade in NYC who responded to my question of “Where’s good to hear some live music in the city?” with a handwritten list on a sticky note.

List of music venues in NYC on a yellow sticky note, with a Rough Trade store sign in the background.