Another rainy day, another umbrella left on the train. Buying a new one on a regular basis feels like a self-imposed idiot tax. I need a new strategy to minimise my losses.

I haven’t had this kind of obsession over an album for years. Marika Hackman’s I’m Not Your Man is absolutely incredible. Instantly accessible but reveals its brilliance over many plays. With a new album out soon it looks like this is a great time to have found out about her.

Album Club #100

I’m so excited to be attending Album Club #100 tonight. I’ve no idea what album will be in store, but our host Matt has promised some “very special vinyl”. Where did 100 months go?

Our current members have nominated their five favourite tracks that they discovered through Album Club, which have been assembled into this Spotify playlist. We’ve heard some fantastic music over the past eight years and this is great reminder.

It’s still the best night of the month.

Someone, somewhere has that horrible pit-of-the-stomach feeling where their software has publicly gone wrong. Hope they manage to get it fixed up and the fallout isn’t too big for them.

Lowlight of yesterday was finding a cat playing with a live squirrel in the kitchen. I felt like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation. Had no idea squirrels made such weird noises. 30 mins to nudge it out from under our furniture and into a box so I could get it out of the house. 🐿

Just voted Green in the European Election. So great that we get the chance to vote. I’m very happy that the Lib Dems got in at the local level, but Climate change is a bigger issue than Brexit, and the EU can hold its members to account.