September 2017

I started a blog back in 2004 as a vehicle to get things out of my head, off my chest and into the ether. I had been reading a lot about blogs, had been a long-time lurker and minor participant on Metafilter, had put a website or two of my own together and felt the overwhelming need to get my thoughts written down in a blog of my own. It felt a lot more constructive than ranting about things to my wife and anyone else who would lend me an ear. I was always having conversations with my good friend Mat about great things I had seen on the web, experiences I had been through at work and decided it would be a good idea to put them out there for all to see. We both decided to start a blog around the same time and I quickly found it a great way to keep up-to-date with whatever he had been up to.

Time passed by, children came along and Twitter was invented. Both took up a lot of my time and attention. Twitter meant that I had an easier, faster outlet for my thoughts and as a consequence my blog went to seed.

I turned 40 recently which has made me even more reflective than usual. I’m very conscious of how short life is, even when you live a long one, and making sure that the time I have is spent in a mindful way. I’ve been spending less and less time reading Twitter, have recently deleted my Facebook account and have found myself going back to my RSS reader and enjoying longer form blog entries again. Inspired by the work of Manton Reece and the broader IndieWeb movement I am trying to make this site the focal point for my notes, whether long or short. It’s still useful for me to write, if other people find it interesting then that’s a bonus. It’s moved around a little bit over the years from applecrumble.net to applecrumble.wordpress.com and finally here to andrewdoran.uk and I am hoping that this is its final resting place. One of my many ongoing projects is to fix some of the broken links and images from my earlier posts so apologies if you see some issues.

I have a background in Computer Science; by day I am an independent Programme Director, working mainly in Financial Services IT; and by evening (and sometimes weekends) I am chair of governors at a primary school. I have two amazing young boys and a very wonderful wife. Life is very busy but very good.

If you want to get in contact with me you can find me on Twitter as @adoran2 or email me at [email protected].

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