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Weeknotes #127 — Loop

A really enjoyable week. Work seemed to scoot by at a pace, which was fine to begin with but got a little troubling as the end approached. I have next week off as holiday so wanted to tie up as many loose ends as I could.

It occurred to me that having Monday off meant conditions were perfect to attempt a circumnavigation of London on my bike on Sunday. My friend Ian had lamented that he couldn’t make the Audax ride a few weeks ago and agreed to attempt this one with me. We had a wonderful Sunday, starting at 5:45am and getting back home just before 9pm. I’d been thinking of doing this for years and it was great to finally complete it.

This was a week in which I:

  • Completed an overdue root cause analysis report for an issue that occurred with one of our systems a few weeks ago.
  • Had my team meeting that was carried over from a diary car-crash at the end of last week, and reviewed what needed doing before two of us would be out on holiday next week.
  • Said goodbye to a colleague that has worked in the department for the past couple of years. He and his wife have left South Africa to join their daughter’s family in Australia. It’s very sad to see him go as he’s played such an important role on the team, and has been a lovely person to work with.
  • Met with the stream lead for the group programme that we are participating in, as well as participated in the work being done to roll out financial templates for associated business cases.
  • Agreed with another peer to help coach them with their team’s Kanban board.
  • Took the newest member of our management team through the theory of why our current ‘ways of work’ looks like it does, and got some useful feedback as to how it can be tweaked further.
  • Discussed the IT support and operation model for two of our offices.
  • Enjoyed an informal talk from one of our staff on the new Instant Coffee feature in LeanKit.
  • Used the Instant Coffee feature in a small session run by the two LeanKit product managers as they solicited feedback on the ‘mirrored cards’ feature. LeanKit is my favourite tool that we use at work and I was very happy to give some insight into how we have been using it.
  • Had two ‘random coffees’ with colleagues as one had been postponed from last week. Both were great and it was lovely to catch up with them.
  • Raised an issue in GitHub for the first time, for the iOS client. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to make a positive contribution by helping write some of the code too?
  • Joined two more of Tortoise Media’s ThinkIn sessions, one with Jess Phillips MP and another with John Amaechi. I think a big part of the enjoyment of the sessions is the in-meeting text chat — active participation is much better than just sitting through a webinar that you could easily consume as a podcast. The chat is expertly curated and guided by someone at Tortoise Media, which helps a lot.
  • Had a wonderful night with my old friend, swapping music and getting lots of new leads for artists to check out. The following evening we went out for a delicious meal at Tabure with our wives. They are such great company and we had a lovely time.
Spot the clown.

Spot the clown.

Next week: A week off work, spending some time with family and a couple of nights in a ‘glamping’ tent shed.

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