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🎢 Tunes night

Ever since I was a teenager, my friend Mat and I have had brilliant evenings where we’ve got together to play tracks to each other, taking it in turns to pick tunes late into the night. I have such fond memories of stuffing a rucksack full of my favourite CDs and cycling over to his house with them on my back. Now that the COVID-19 restrictions have started to lift in the UK, and with both of us gratefully double-jabbed, I spent another great night at his place swapping musical discoveries again.

For the sake of our memories, now we are both old, here are the tracks we got through.

BANKS β€” Gemini Feed

Aldous Harding β€” Fixture Picture

Daniel Rossen β€” Silent Song

Helena Deland β€” There Are A Thousand / Two Queries

Light Asylum β€” IPC

Wilder Maker β€” Drunk Driver

King Creosote β€” You Just Want

Katie Von Schleicher β€” Caged Sleep

Buke & Gase β€” No Land

FADE β€” Whole

Three Trapped Tigers β€” Cramm

Anna Koniotou β€” Smack My Bitch Up (Drum Cover)

Buke & Gase β€” Dress

Magdalena Bay β€” How To Get Physical

Them Are Us Too β€” Eudaemonia

Snowpoet β€” Pixel

Tom Vek β€” Trying To Do Better

Emma Ruth Rundle β€” Arms I Know So Well

Roisin Murphy β€” Let Me Know

Thandii β€” Cameo

Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou β€” Your Love Is Forever

Thandii β€” Forgetful

Aldous Harding β€” The Barrel

St. Vincent β€” Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood

Broken Social Scene β€” 7/4 Shoreline

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