Fantastic book. Started out as a bawdy romp and at some point turned into what felt like a horror film. It's amazing to think how old this book is and yet how much of the structure has made its way into horror movies. Struggled a little with some of the olde English but the Readmill 'define' feature solved most of those problems for me. Definitely worth reading.

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There was such a torrent of profound divinity poured out upon him that the laird became ashamed, both of himself and his new-made spouse, and wist not what to say: but the brandy helped him out.

she arose from her knees, and retired to the chimney-corner with her Bible in her lap, there to spend the hours in holy meditation till such time as the inebriated trumpeter should awaken to a sense of propriety.

But, wi' regard to what is due to his own wife, of that he's a better judge nor me. However, since he has behaved in that manner to MY DAUGHTER, I shall be revenged on him for aince; for I shall return the obligation to ane nearer to him: that is, I shall take pennyworths of his wife—an' let him lick at that.

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Such wonderful, absurd logic.


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No idea what this means. Second time in a few pages it has appeared. Dead?

stripping off part of their clothes, they began that violent and spirited game

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Alas, what short-sighted improvident creatures we are, all of us; and how often does the evening cup of joy lead to sorrow in the morning!

The depth and the malignity of his eye is hideous.

His breath is like the airs from a charnel house

"I'm feared he turn out to be a conceited gowk,"

You have an arch malicious manner of vending your aphorisms

I assented, and said no more concerning it; for it instantly struck me that this was no other than the Czar Peter of Russia, having heard that he had been travelling through Europe in disguise

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The voice in my head when I read this is General Melchett from Blackadder. So absurd!

This makes fratricide a fearful task!

"If thy execution were equal to thy intent, how great a man you soon might be!"

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A good phrase to use at work.

My principal feeling, about this time, was an insatiable longing for something that I cannot describe or denominate properly, unless I say it was for utter oblivion that I longed. I desired to sleep; but it was for a deeper and longer sleep than that in which the senses were nightly steeped. I longed to be at rest and quiet, and close my eyes on the past and the future alike, as far as this frail life was concerned.

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An uncannily accurate description of depression.

They ordered the clerk to sing a part of the 119th Psalm, until they saw if the minister would cast up. The clerk did as he was ordered, and, by the time he reached the 77th verse,

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Handy background music while they wait!

The next day the congregation met in the kirk of Auchtermuchty

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The accent seems to drop off here for some reason - is this something to do with the Project Gutenberg copy or does the original text do this? Seems strange.

Nothing in the world delights a truly religious people so much as consigning them to eternal damnation.

set his foot on the suicide's brow, and tramped down his head into the grave with his iron-heeled shoe, until the nose and skull crashed again, and at the same time uttered a terrible curse on the wretch who had disgraced the family and given them all this trouble.

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How unpleasant.