Abandoning for now as I am unable to find my copy of the book – it disappeared sometime over Christmas. Will reconvene when I find it.

Henrik Berggren Henrik Berggren

How can you lose an ebook!? aka. Is this our fault?

Andrew Doran Andrew Doran

Don't worry! It's a physical book I was tracking with ReadMore. If you find it, please let me know!

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‘Do pay hold your tongue, P., and eat your breakfast!’ interrupted his better half, who had a mortal horror of chronological references

As no one else was present, he did precisely what nine young men out of ten so situated would have done; he walked up to the mantelpiece, established himself upon the rug, and subducting his coat-tails one under each arm, turned towards the fire that portion of the human frame which is considered indecorous to present to a friend or an enemy.

like a female Chrononotonthologos, ‘immersed in cogibundity of cogitation’.

Andrew Doran Andrew Doran