Interesting concept to create an ebook out of a set of ephemeral newspaper articles. It does what it says it will in terms of discussing scenarios for a Greek default or exit of the euro zone/ EU. Absolutely fine for a free purchase from Amazon.

Dates 05 November 2012 – 06 November 2012
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This ebook is based on a series of articles published between May 13 and 18 under the title If Greece goes ....

“[One basic lesson of the crisis] has been to make sure that your receivables are not brought back to Greece,” says one exporter. “I keep almost all my funds abroad.”

Andrew Doran Andrew Doran

Negative sentiment leads to a worse reality.


Andrew Doran Andrew Doran

Great word!

In the 2008-09 crash, UK output fell 7 per cent, not because bank lending dried up, but because so much spending suddenly stopped in an international panic. If that happens again, it really is something to fear.

a multi-stage fiscal union. There really is no alternative.

Robert Horrocks, of Asia-focused fund managers Matthews Asia, plays down the impact. “If Greece exits the euro, it’s equivalent to the entire workforce of China taking a long lunch break,” he says.

banks are increasingly reordering their European exposure along national lines, in terms of asset-liability matching (ALM), just in case the region splits apart.

Anybody who wants to explain to voters – or politicians – why it pays to keep the eurozone, in other words, better learn about banks’ ALM practices.

A clause that explains that by “euro” what is intended is “the currency in circulation in Germany” may later prove to be invaluable.