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the 2.5 billion people worldwide with no access to clean water

Andrew Doran Andrew Doran

A shocking statistic.

Agri culture will become far more efficient when we can grow- in weeks- a piece of leather or meat in exactly the shape, taste and nutritional profile we want, instead of cutting it out of an animal. Eventually, all materials from animals- from meat and leather to milk and ivory- could be safely and quickly biofabricated

If we culture meat, however, we do not need to keep bil lions of animals captive. Cells sourced from a relatively few animals could feed the entire world. By some estimates, one biopsy from a cow can provide enough cells to create 175 million hamburgers

Cultured meat requires 99 per cent less land, 98 per cent less water and about half as much energy as traditional farming

About 66 per cent of agricultural land is devoted to grow ing crops to feed livestock, with only eight per cent devoted to growing food for human consumption

Penicillin was first purified from a fungus in 1942. Because natural supplies are unreliable, there was only enough penicillin to treat ten people that first year. Scientists invented a process to grow the fungus in fer mentation vats, and by 1944 could produce enough penicillin to save millions of lives

I worked on a webcast with Arcade Fire in Madison Square Garden. In the middle of the first song, people are commenting, people are saying, "I am here and I think this..." Just shut the fuck up isall I want to say. Just let them do what they do. Enjoy it. Absorb it. Experience it. SoI begin to think people aren't really experiencing anything. The well is not very deep.

The idea of Twitter actually appals me. Facebook appals me. I mean, some one like Stephen Fry-1 don't understand how he does it because he answers people, he talks to them. I don't talk to these people. I'm the storyteller. I'm not there to have a conversation.

Andrew Doran Andrew Doran

Terry Gilliam on social media.

We are a species that just has to keep inventing new things. We can't stop ourselves, until we blow ourselves up, and then we just start again and we try another version of it

"What ifahome took on the characteristics of its inhabitants?"

Andrew Doran Andrew Doran

We have this already. You should come and look at our floordrobe.

technology narra tives tend towards the extremes- Utopia or dystopia, everybody's happy or everybody's dead.

Like your fingerprint, the pattern of your heartbeat is unique.

Andrew Doran Andrew Doran

I had no idea. Using this for authentication is genius.

Technologies have a long nose. Before the big break-out moment, before the hits arrive and everyone notices that it's happened, there's a long nose of prec edent and people who got there first.

Some things are just aesthetic dead ends. Bluetooth headsets. Drop shadows in PowerPoint. Cyber gloves.

You may be able to remember the faces of all the peo ple you meet, but use a device to capture them automatically and put them into a database, and a line is being crossedeven if that data is inaccessible to others

The Bluetooth headset has gone from a status symbol to the mark of a tosser

As NYU professor and writer Clay Shirky says, "It's not information overload. It's filter failure."