Picked this up to sample de Botton's work. It's a good, very quick read with interesting views on a variety of topics such as the honesty of relationships, airports, going to the zoo and the boring-ness of Zurich. Will try one of his full-length books at some point.

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Dates 12 August 2012 – 14 August 2012
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large thoughts at times requiring large views, new thoughts new places.

a 747 appears at first as a small brilliant white light, a star dropping towards earth.

Language trips up on love, desire lacks articulacy

Some jobs are certainly fulfilling, but the majority are not and never can be.

How little it takes to fall in love. Or at least to fall into the kind of heightened enthusiasm for another person

few places in the Western world have been quite as deeply unfashionable as the city of Zurich.

A paradox of other people's books is that they often tell us more about our own life than we have been able to grasp alone.

jokes are a way of anchoring a criticism.