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Weeknotes #149 — Out on the road again

After the fun of our Christmas weekend we spent this week mainly at home, and generally indoors. Here in the UK it has been unseasonably warm but also very rainy, which has limited how much anyone wanted to get out of the house.

I’ve tried to be productive over the past couple of weeks, but as always I never feel as though I have done as much as I wanted to by the time the holiday is over. I also don’t feel quite as rested as this time last year, but I’m ready to get back into a routine of work again. When I left work at the end of 2021 I had mapped out the tools that I use in my digital life with the intention of getting things in a good starting state for 2022. I’ve barely scratched the surface with getting organised, so I’ll have to continue the work during the year.

This was a week in which I:

  • Got back on the indoor bike trainer again and went out on a long run, rounding out my year of exercise. For me, working from home during the pandemic has been transformational for my physical fitness. In 2021 I managed to do something on nearly 70% of the days of the year, and this doesn’t include the times that I walked to and from my office as part of my commute.

  • Had a family day out in London to see Circus 1903 at the Southbank Centre. Although it was almost sold out when we booked it, the seats were probably only about 75% full which I assume is a result of the pandemic. We all loved the show and marvelled at the incredible circus acts, including Florian Blümmel who did unbelievable things on a bike. We ate out at a nearby branch of Ping Pong and it was good for the boys to try some new cuisine.
  • Had a wonderful birthday on New Year’s Eve at the house of some close friends. A deluxe karaoke machine had been installed as a Christmas present which was literally music to my ears. We had so much fun singing the night away, but it was all over far too quickly.
I don't look 54.

I don't look 54.

  • Got up relatively early on New Year’s Day for the first weekly ride with Berkhamsted Cycling Club. My eldest son made it out too and we had a lovely ride, yet again meeting more people that we didn’t know already. Due to COVID-19 and Christmas we hadn’t been out with the club for about a month and it was a joy to go riding again.

  • Took my eldest son for his second COVID-19 vaccination. My youngest son is still yet to get a vaccine due to having had the virus recently and I’m still a week away from being able to have my booster for the same reason.
  • Finished reading the brilliant East of Eden and indulged my enjoyment further by watching the movie and reading a book of Steinbeck’s notes that he made as he wrote the novel. I’ve now got to decide what to read next; more Steinbeck indulgence or something non-fiction that will focus my mind on work?
  • Reviewed the 6,500 notes that I have accumulated over the past decade in Evernote. I ended up deleting around 1,000 of them. The rest I am in the process of exporting and moving over to OneNote. This is one of the steps I am taking to try and simplify my digital life, and in this case cut down on costs too. I already pay annually for a Microsoft 365 account and will no longer need to pay for Evernote once I stop using it.
  • Watched a lot of TV with my wife, finishing off the latest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, completing Only Murders In The Building, continuing with Dexter: New Blood and starting The Tourist.

Next week: A final day off with plans for more outdoor cycling, getting back to work and finally getting my booster vaccine.

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