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Weeknotes #97 — Retirement rehearsal

Based on the evidence of the past week, retirement would suit me fine. I got myself into a routine of reading until quite late, waking up around 8:30am, going out for a run or a session on the turbo trainer and then joining the family for lunch. Afternoons were then spent pottering around the house, typically settling down to watch one of Fred Astaire’s musical films, which I am working my way through in chronological order. Family dinners, movies and the occasional board games gave us a variety of things to do in the evening.

Typically I finish the Christmas holiday feeling as though I didn’t get anywhere near to doing all of the things that I wanted to do. I usually vastly underestimate how much of our time is taken up travelling around and going to events. This year has been very different due to the pandemic. I really missed seeing friends and family, but being able to get into a relaxed routine at home has been lovely. Perhaps if one in every few Christmas holidays was like this, it would be great.

It feels like 2021 is off to a shaky start. The COVID-19 statistics in the UK look terrible, and it feels inevitable that we will close schools nationally as well as have some kind of major lockdown in the coming days. I don’t understand why the government gets to decisions so much later than everyone else, making the situation even worse than it already is. Both my boys won’t be going back to their secondary school for a couple of weeks now, and given the rates of infection and the number of people in hospital I suspect that they may not go back this month at all.

A week in which I:

  • Cleared out our little loft area and took a whole heap of rubbish to the recycling centre. It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates even when you think things are relatively tidy.
  • Took the tree and decorations down. Usually we’d wait a while, but the tree collection service run by the Scouts isn’t operating this year, so we had to get organised quickly to avoid having to shred the tree ourselves.
  • Turned 44. It was an even more relaxed New Year’s Eve than usual, and the whole house was in bed by 12:15am.

Working from home since mid-March has been incredible for the amount of exercise I’ve been able to do. Before the pandemic, I would only exercise on a day that I wasn’t going into London. I’m now able to fit in something on most days, taking days off only when I feel that I need to. I came to fitness in my late 30s after a lifetime of doing not much at all, and couldn’t imagine not exercising now. Strava tells me that I managed to do something on the vast majority of days this past year; you can see what happened after mid-March in their graph:

Next week: Back to work. 2021 feels like a blank canvas right now, and there is much that I want to get done in terms of how we approach what we are doing. The first few weeks will be focused on this, as well as getting some momentum with external partners on some work that we didn’t manage to complete last year.

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