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Weeknotes #105 — Giant octopus

A big week, with half of Tuesday taken up with me finally presenting my ‘new ways of working’ proposal to the rest of the IT management team. Getting to this point had been like wrestling with a giant octopus; now I’ve finally got it out into the world and built some consensus I am looking forward to putting it into action from next week.

This was a week in which I:

  • Reviewed the annual renewal proposal for a key vendor.
  • Along with our procurement and legal teams, reviewed the draft contract for our consultancy hire in Beijing.
  • Agreed a shortlist of candidates to take forward to interview for our Network Services Manager position.
  • Took part in more interviews for our Head of IT Infrastructure and Operations role.
  • Reviewed options for meeting room AV equipment for our New York office, taking into account the specific technical restrictions with the room.
  • Started discussions on a ‘project to production’ handover document. It’s not very DevOps, but I’m hoping it’s the start of a conversation on what we need to consider up-front when we start a large new piece of work.
  • Reviewed a draft proposal for power resiliency changes in one of our server rooms.
  • Attended a leadership talk with our country heads for Mozambique and China.
  • Checked in with a staffing consultancy in the UK that I haven’t formally worked with since 2010. They have a brilliant model and are one of the largest IT graduate employers in the country.
  • Attended the Herts for Learning Chairs’ Strategic Information Briefing. These meetings are great but they feel like information overload, trying to listen to the speakers, read their slides and follow the extensive audience Q&A at the same time.
  • Had a Zoom meet-up with an old colleague that I haven’t seen in five years. I’ve been trying to get back in contact a little bit with people via WhatsApp and this time it led to an evening of chat. It was so lovely to talk to him and hear how well he and his family are doing.
  • Had a great random coffee with a colleague in our São Paulo office.
  • Started a new season of Learned League and ended the first week at the top of the table. There are now two people at work that have signed up with my referrals and they seem to be enjoying it.
  • Got the pizza oven out of the shed for the first time this year to compliment our family movie night. My eldest son is now a real dab-hand with getting the pizzas in and out of the oven and they came out perfectly.

Next week: Rolling out ‘new ways of working’, getting stuck into a big new programme of work, continuing with recruitment, our headteacher’s mid-year review, a school strategy planning session, a Meetup on agile working with finance and my wife’s birthday.

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