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Weeknotes #103 — Workshop

A productive week, albeit one didn’t seem to have many distinguishing features. We had the threat of snow lingering all week but it never happened; it’s been very cold but also very dry.

This was a week in which I:

  • Spent Monday and Tuesday morning with the rest of our IT management team in a workshop, defining and refining the responsibilities for each of our functions. It was good to have made this explicit and I’ve already referred to the resulting documentation when something came up later in the week.
  • Took my team through the results of the workshops.
  • Continued to update my ‘new ways of work’ proposal ahead of the next management team session where this will be the core topic. This is really starting to come together now.
  • Had a productive meeting with colleagues from our wider group where we agreed on a way forward for digitising our IP address management.
  • Met with a colleague who is looking to start a ‘random coffee’ initiative in their department and offered them the basic spreadsheet that I put together.
  • Had another couple of introductory meetings with candidates for our Head of Infrastructure and Operations role.
  • Attended an internal all-hands briefing update on the equity markets.
  • Joined a ThoughtWorks webinar for the second edition of Infrastructure as Code, but didn’t stay long as it wasn’t really aimed at a randomly curious person like me. I would love to learn more about the concepts and practices but this wasn’t the place to do it.
  • Attended the first part of the Agile20 Reflect Event on An Agile Manifesto Futurespective. I really struggle with this type of event where I am wondering whether it is the best use of my time, particularly where there is little direct interaction and the videos will be made available. Three hours on a Friday evening was probably asking a bit much of anyone. The panel discussion was ok, but I ended up drifting back to working again and eventually left. Videos for the session are online.
  • Talked to our eldest son about his GCSE options, which he has to decide on in the next few weeks. His school has put together an excellent briefing pack and set of online videos. It probably works even better in this format than it would have done face-to-face. It feels like yesterday he was born and now here we are picking the subjects he’ll study for his first exams.
  • Had an ‘active recovery’ week on the bike trainer, with only one very early morning session in order to make an 8am meeting. With the temperature rising this week I may try and get a couple of runs in as well as cycling. I’ve only managed two this year, and both times I’ve ended up walking around like John Wayne for a week.

Next week: Finishing up the ‘new ways of working’ thinking ahead of the next workshop. Taking a day off on Friday to do something with the family who are all on a week’s holiday from school. (What, though, I have no idea.) And Album Club turns ten years old.

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