Weeknote #25 — Barbecues

There’s so much going on. I’m hanging in there until July is behind me. Lack of time means that these weeknotes are going to be in bullet point form for now.

  • With all the years behind me, I found that I really do have the confidence to make it up as I go along, and I generally hit the mark.
  • Fixed price contracts don’t mean that you wait until the end to get the thing delivered that you paid for. There’s lots of work for you too along the way.
  • Language barriers are still a thing, and there are times when email is far superior to audio or video conferencing, particularly when accents are difficult to understand and line quality is poor.
  • Taking half a day off to work on the School Development Plan with other governors and the school’s Senior Leadership Team is always rewarding. Gets to the heart of why I wanted to become a school governor in the first place. We have a remarkable team and need to use them effectively.
  • I think we have a solid core of a plan for the key governor roles from September. Am excited about putting the changes in place.
  • Not been enjoying The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday as much as I thought I would. Some good lessons in terms of worrying about what is in your control, owning your reactions to stuff that happens etc., but the book could be a lot shorter and less pompous.
  • Things are starting to get real for my not-so-little-one who is off to secondary school in September. Have my fingers crossed for him that he gets off to a great start.
  • Summer cycling is fantastic and I wish I could prioritise doing more of it.
  • Loving the heatwave — it’ll make a great memory — but sometimes it has been getting to be a bit too much. A kids’ football tournament in Aston Clinton felt like it was being played in a volcano, and we still haven’t managed to pick up a decent fan for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Barbecued food tastes so much better than oven-cooked. New patio furniture meant we spent both Saturday and Sunday evening having dinner outside and it almost felt like we were on holiday.
  • The last time I watched this much sport I was either between exams (Euro ‘96) or off school ill for a long period (Mita World Masters). And it’s all been brilliant.
  • I never knew that https could be so easy! More great work by Troy Hunt.

Next week:

  • Prep for our next programme workshop in mid-July. A lot to get done against a tight deadline.
  • Our final Full Governing Board meeting of the year. Saying goodbye to four brilliant governors, two of whom have been with us for many years and pre-date me. They’ve contributed so much to the school and I am very sorry to see them go.
  • Another termly meeting with our School Improvement Partner, for an independent insight into where the school is right now.
  • Getting the governor newsletter over the line and out the door.
  • A football match on Wednesday!

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