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Almost nine weeks on

I’m at a departure gate at Zürich airport waiting for a flight home and thought I’d check in. Our little man is almost nine weeks old now and he’s advancing in every way – it’s really amazing to see how much change he goes through right in front of your eyes. For example, three weeks ago he just started smiling – it was as sudden as that. One minute he doesn’t smile, the next minute he does. And when he does…we just fall in love with him again and again. I honestly can’t tell you how brilliant it is to see your son smile at you. We can’t help ourselves from trying to make him smile all the time.

Having him around has of course made a massive change to our lives. Time is so much more precious; you find yourself thinking about what you can do with every ‘spare’ few minutes that come along. I’ve been trying to get home at a more reasonable hour from work and in order to make up some time have taken to sorting my work emails on the train. I’ve lost the personal time but I do get to see my family more, so it’s not really a negative thing – you’re just forced to be more organised.

I would expect my future posts here to be a little less frequent than they have been, but I will try!

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