Many years ago, I stayed up watching TV slightly later than usual with mum and dad and happened to see Threads. It must have completely scared the crap out of me as I can still remember scenes quite vividly – the woman wetting herself in the street as she sees a mushroom cloud rise over Sheffield and people running all over the place and the burning body of what looked like ET!

I had completely forgotten about this film until about three years ago when I was watching I Love 1984. Seeing clips of the film again brought it all flooding back and I just had to see what I could find about the film on the Internet. I had no idea that the film was such a product of its time – back in 1984, the Government were telling people to redesign their homes in order to prepare for a nuclear attack!

Over the past few months I have been trying to buy a DVD copy of Threads. For some reason it has been deleted and is now changing hands for a lot of money on eBay – more than I would like to pay. Why would you delete a DVD when it is clearly in demand?

I was gutted to learn that I had missed a recent screening on BBC4 – wouldn’t it be great if you could get emailed when a film you want to see is added to upcoming schedules?


  1. It must have been frightening for you because you were just a kid cos I don’t remember it – or was it one of those many evenings when I fell asleep in the chair? Mum x x


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