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πŸ“š Finished reading Attack Warning Red! How Britain Prepared for Nuclear War by Julie McDowall. A forensic look at the approach this country took as we navigated the Cold War. This largely involved pretending that World War II-style preparations were adequate, denying the realities to the public until a sufficient consensus emerged among that same public that nuclear war was not survivable. It’s interesting how much the films The War Game (1966) and Threads (1984) played a part in showing people the stark realities. I too saw Threads as a child and it had a profound effect on me.

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  1. Well try War Game – a good deal more effective. Like you with Threads it had a huge effect on me but I’m a bit older ! Greetings from Western Australia where I’m about to embark on the impossible Gibb River Road . Nick !

  2. My modernist house in the 1960s faced Birmingham with large Swedish picture windows – we were about 30 miles away . My mother stockpiled soft loo paper !