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📚 Finished reading The Road to Conscious Machines by Michael Wooldridge. This is the second AI-focused book that I’ve read in recent weeks; it covers a lot of similar ground to Melanie Mitchell’s Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans, but felt much more of a chronological whistle-stop tour of the history than an education on how the technology works. The two definitely compliment each other, which I guess is how Pelican Books, the publishers of both, felt as well. Both are very good. Once again I’m wondering what parts of the book would need to be updated to reflect the generative AI world we have been living in for the past year or so.

I loved the idea that our consciousness as a species may have evolved from the need to be able to put ourselves in other peoples’ shoes. If I can think about how you will feel if I do something, it may influence whether I do the thing or not. Absolutely fascinating.

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  1. @adoran2 Cool, I just passed page 100 yesterday. Like it as well so far. It gives a completely different lens to the topic. Especially for me coming from the technology side and not the business side.

    Btw the Author of the book is also here on MB: @baldur.