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  1. @adoran2 Perhaps some people have a day in their life when they feel they’ve been ‘reborn’ or come into their true selves? I could imagine, for example, that perhaps someone hasn’t been living authentically and has a day where they feel their life has properly and authentically begun. For example, coming out as gay, escaping a cult, joining a different religion, transitioning gender…

  2. @Miraz I never thought about that. Maybe because I hadn’t seen it before. Many consider them born again, it should be able to mark such an important occasion for a person. The capitalization of the one caption and the lack thereof in the other shouldn’t be so in my opinion. @adoran2

  3. @adoran2 @miraz has some really good points here. I’ll just add that, though not a common use case, adoptees will celebrate multiple birthdays. Sometimes we adoptees are “assigned” a birthday when it’s unknown, which then becomes the legal DOB to be used for docs and forms. But through life we might celebrate the day we’re adopted or even for a lucky few who are able to find out, our actual birthdays.

  4. @ptrck @miraz @odd @gaby What thoughtful replies! I still find it a bit baffling though — even if you did have another day that you celebrate/remember and told your friends about, without any other context on the field, how would you know which birthday is for which? Seems easier to use the notes field for this kind of important information.

  5. @adoran2 right, from the screenshot provided, the UI isn’t really helpful. There’s no indication of what the intended use for that data is. Agree, it’s baffling implementation.