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Wins! (Or, never again having to remember what you did all year…)

Since early last year, my team at work have been doing something which has made a big difference to how we keep aligned with each other, and how we see ourselves.

On Friday afternoon we get together to share our ‘wins’. There is a broad definition of what constitutes a win, but generally it is either:

  • Anything we have got over the line and finished off
  • Anything we’ve learnt in the past week

We go around each of our sub-teams in the room and I make a note of the essence of what gets said. This then gets posted onto an ongoing Teams thread for everyone to see:

The idea was sparked from the book Radical Focus by Christina Wodtke:

We have found that the session has all of the positive benefits pointed out by Wodtke in her book — the team look for wins, feel like they are part of a winning team and hear about what people have achieved. People know what is going on across the team, and it has been excellent for team morale. We also have a great record of our achievements to look back on, especially useful when it comes to writing our annual self-appraisals.

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