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Album Club #100

I’m so excited to be attending Album Club #100 tonight. I’ve no idea what album will be in store, but our host Matt has promised some “very special vinyl”. Where did 100 months go?

Our current members have nominated their five favourite tracks that they discovered through Album Club, which have been assembled into this Spotify playlist. We’ve heard some fantastic music over the past eight years and this is great reminder.

It’s still the best night of the month.

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  1. 100 months. Are you serious? This is an incredible milestone that you’ve reached. Reading your blog Andrew brought back a flood of great memories; beer and snacks stockpiled in hosts’ kitchens, partners discreetly absent for the evening and of course the album of the month itself. Congratulations. The album club at 100 this month. I’m proud to have played some small part in this great Berko institution. Roll on the 200th month milestone…


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