My musically-kindred spirit cousin sent me the sad news that Chas Hodges passed away today. I feel so grateful for having been able to see Chas and Dave at the Royal Albert Hall a few months ago. It was such a wonderfully fun gig. It amazes me how quickly someone can go from good health to not being here at all. I can’t imagine the loss for his family and friends.

Of all of the Chas and Dave performances I’ve seen, the one that sticks in my mind is the 1982 Christmas Knees-up TV special that was filmed in a pub in Walthamstow. Everyone there seems to be getting more than a little bit drunk, having a great time and occasionally falling over. There’s even Eric Clapton in the audience and he joins the band on stage late in the show. There’s nostalgia in me for the time where we had a shared culture and the family all focused on one thing when we got together, like watching programmes like this at my Nan and Grandad’s house.

Highlights are The Sideboard Song at the very start, The Banging In Your Head at 15:00, Ain’t No Pleasing You at 22:00, Eric Clapton’s appearance at 28:30 and my absolute favourite, the beautiful I’ll Never Write A Love Song at 36:00.

Thanks for all the music Chas.

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