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Come ride with me, let’s ride, let’s ride away…

If you want to join the Ride 999 team on our crazy journey but don’t feel up to the full 900 miles from London to Milan there is now the opportunity to join us as a participant on one of the days. We would love to have you join us!

The route is shown above  and there is also a more detailed PDF (1.6Mb) that you can download from Dropbox or my blog.

To sign up, you need to head to the Get Connected website by 15 April 2015 and register for the particular day you would like to take part. Choose from:

Whether you go for a flat spin through the Netherlands on day two or choose to ascend the Splügen Pass with us on day eight, we’d really love to have you along. You would be raising money for a fantastic charity as well as having the experience and satisfaction of completing part of the route.

We are also still looking for corporate sponsors who may be able to give a little more for sponsorship of a particular day on the ride, complete with branded riding jerseys for all riders and other promotional items—please (please!) contact me if you have any interest in getting involved in this way.

Last but not least, my personal sponsorship page is still open for donations. I am so appreciative for all the support I have had from colleagues, family and friends so far. Thank you so much for recognising what a mammoth effort this will be.

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  1. I’m interested in doing some touring. This looks like a very interesting route since it passes through so many countries. Do you happen to have the gpx file or some larger version of the map images?