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Addicted to Facebook

After just two days I have to admit that I’m already addicted to Facebook like it’s some kind of drug. It’s really amazing – it takes the concepts of Friends Reunited and blogging, adds a slick appearance and easy accessibility and cross-references pretty much everything you do on the site to make a completely absorbing experience.

I can’t help myself from logging in from my mobile phone at least half a dozen times a day to see what people are up to, see what messages have been left and to change my ‘status message’. By being so quick and easy to use you really get a sense of what your friends are up to and already I feel as though I’m back in contact socially where I had been a bit of an email recluse before.

I’ve also just switched to using Gmail for my personal mail (with all its fantastic spam-filtering goodness) and the slick mobile Gmail application on my mobile so I’m really going to be back in contact now. Time to upgrade my mobile tariff!

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