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Another long night

At 17:05 last night I was told about a problem we had with one of our systems at work. I’m starting to become more involved as a testing/ QA manager and so I started to help to look into the problem. I thought I’d be just a couple of hours late home but I ended up getting back over twelve hours later. Not great! We’ve made some progress but still have some things to work through today so bang goes spending a relaxing weekend with my wife. Ah well, I guess in the world of IT that’s the job you sometimes have to do. I’m feeling a bit giddy today but I’m hanging in there.

Coincidentally, on the subject of software defects, I saw a great blog posting yesterday about a new software certification program called “It works on my machine” – an oft-heard but seldom comforting phrase that developers seem to say when confronted with a user problem. I think we’ll have to start stamping this on the front of our applications at work if this continues!

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