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David O’Doherty

I recently sent a text message to the person that the text message was about.

Yes, we’ve all done it. This time it was sent to Mat and was originally a question to another friend to find out what Mat wanted for his birthday. Luckily not too much damage done there – a bit of a ‘doh!’ moment but it could have been much worse!

The incident reminded me of a song I heard on a Radio 2 comedy show recently, which I believe is incidentally titled “Sent a Text Message to the Person that the Text Message Was About”. I Googled for this and came up with a Myspace page that (almost) mentioned the phrase…this revealed that the composer and performer of the tune was none other than David O’Doherty.

David’s album is available from Trust Me I’m A Thief Records (both on CD and mp3 download) and I urge you to buy it. It saw me through my trip to and from work today and on more than one occasion I found myself cracking up, probably much to the bemusement of my fellow commuters. The album is recorded in David’s house and he’s got both great comical observations on life and excellent lo-fi songs. Here’s one from YouTube called “The FAQ for the D O D” (thanks Anna):

Brilliant stuff.

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  1. Hey! I was being all obsessive and seeing how people got to my site, and it was cool to find this link 🙂 David O’Doherty’s just wondrful, isn’t he? I’m glad the text mix up didn’t cause lasting damage 🙂 Anna x

  2. When me and Carl were both working at Phones 4 Speeew we were on a conference call with other store managers and sales director. The sales director was yapping on and we’d always send texts to each other taking the piss.

    all good until Jackal sent a message to the Director saying something like could this guy be anymore of a prick.

    went down like a lead balloon.

  3. This guy’s hilarious. I found your site when i googled “sent a text to the person that the text was about”, as I couldn’t get it out of my head. now i’m stuck with “FAQ’s for the DOD”. Just as funny! I will strive to find and buy his album – thank you!