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Ripoff salad

Ripoff saladHad a lovely night out at the theatre with my wife last night, despite the efforts of the restaurant to spoil it by giving us this pitiful side salad for the princely sum of £2.50! Okay, we’d eaten half of it but still – how small is that? I mentioned it to the waitress who gave me an apologetic look and said “erm, yes…I know…”. The food was good but expensive – if you’re going to the Old Vic then the restaurant may be a good choice as it’s very convenient and quite atmospheric, otherwise there are plenty of other places to eat nearby.

The play itself was just okay as well. We had paid £28 each for tickets right on the roof of the theatre and could barely see the characters’ faces. The reviews were very good but I didn’t really feel that I got into it – it didn’t help that as time went by my bum started to feel as though it was leaving this world behind and the heat from everything below seemed to be collecting around us. Bits of the play were enjoyable – Kevin Spacey was very good when he was having an angry rant and Eve Best was excellent as the Irish farmer’s daughter – but the script seemed a bit too ‘theatre for thespians’ for my liking. At times I felt like shouting down to the characters when they were playing dumb and couldn’t see what was going on around them – I felt as though it was so obvious as absolutely nothing else had happened during the play apart from the central plot so why couldn’t they see it too?

Still, for all my grumbling it was great to go out for a lovely night of dinner and theatre with my wife – hopefully we’ll pick a better one next time!

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