The Project Management Podcast

The Project Management PodcastSince I first heard about podcasting I had been looking for shows that interested me. I tried lots of different podcasts but none of them grabbed my attention for very long and I soon found myself unsubscribing. That is, until I came across The Project Management Podcast. Finally I've found something that is both relevant to my job and genuinely informative.

The host, Cornelius Fitchtner, does a good job of tackling a variety of project management topics, from setting up a PMO to reviewing different methodologies. His style can take a little getting used to and his jokes aren't always that funny (sorry Cornelius!) but in general this is something worth listening to. I've been working my way through the existing shows and have already heard a few “golden nuggets” that can help me – I'm looking forward to listening to the rest over the next couple of weeks or so.

If you're a project manager who would like to hear a bit more about the field and get some good advice about running your projects, give it a go.



  1. Thank you very much for reviewing my show! Your mention and your constructive critisism is very welcome and appreciated. (It was the joke with the penguin, the priest and the canoe you didn’t like, right? 😉


  2. Cornelius Fichtner? Wow, what a name! Surely with a name like that you could’ve taken to fighting the dark criminal underworld of Gotham City, but I guess Project Management was more for you…
    Next time I need a alias, that’s the name for me, no more ‘Sue Denim’.


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