in London

Blasts hit London

Just a quick note to say that I’m okay…sitting at my desk at work. The entire tube network has closed down and there have been reports of an explosion on a bus. My wife is fine, but tells me there has been a loud bang at Euston outside her office. Hope everyone else is okay…

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  1. Glad to hear your OK. We (myself and Steph) are too. At this time there’s reports of 6 seperate bombs in central London. Going to go listen Tony Blair on TV now.


  • 7 July 2005

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    Une série d’explosions a frappé ce matin les transports publics de la capitale anglaise et causé un nombre encore indéterminé de morts et de blessés. La BBC propose une couverture en temps réel de l’événement et retranscrit les comptes-rendus de…