Alcohol-free beer

Alcohol-free Beck's.jpgI spent most of the afternoon and evening at Carl’s new pad in Windsor as he and his housemate Daniel had invited a few people over for a housewarming barbecue. As I don’t eat meat and didn’t want Carl to pick anything up just for me I popped to Sainsbury’s beforehand to pick up a few veggie burgers and sausages for myself. As I wandered around the beers and wine section I came across Beck’s alcohol-free lager. I remember vaguely seeing some adverts recently about it and thought to myself – why not?

The last time I tried a non-alcohol lager was a very long time ago, possibly with something like Kaliber. I remember it being pretty grim stuff, so I was a little reluctant, but thought that the Beck’s would be a good alternative to a ton of orange juice, diet coke, lemonade, water or whatever was available.

I’m glad to say I made the right choice – it was a very pleasant surprise! The beer tastes unbelievably like Beck’s – so much so, that I felt myself waiting to feel the side-effects, which is very strange when you know you have to drive home later. Apparently they brew the beer like normal Beck’s and then remove the alcohol afterwards, leaving just 0.05%! Fantastic stuff. I think I may need to stock up!


  1. Righto,

    The challenge is on. Next BBQ at mine we’re going to buy a thousand of these buggers. At 0.05% the first person to get light headed gets to go to the loo!

    Anyone in?


  2. That’s quite a challenge! It’s amazing – I had these again at another barbecue recently and have to report that you get exactly the same feeling from them as normal beer (dry throat after three or four etc…) but without the drunkenness! Not sure if they’re that healthy but they’re pretty good with a veggie burger!


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