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Left-handed nuggets

In the usual strange way, a random conversation cropped up at work this week about being left-handed. I recalled that I had recently read something about left-handed people having a shorter average life expectancy than those who are right-handed. This is the sort of story that usually appears on the BBC News site, so I typed in my search for "left handed" to try and find the story. I had no luck, but I was fascinated to see a large number of wonderful nuggets of knowledge instead! Did you know that left-handedness was common in the Ice Age? Or that most walruses are right-flippered? Or even that couples turn their heads to the right as they kiss? All good little gems to be recalled at the pub as necessary.

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  1. Very interesting.You weren’t wrong about the life expectancy by the way – a search revealed an article in the Telegraph on 8 Dec rounding up a few theories about why leftyism continues despite some apparent disadvantages. Apparently the left-handed are more likely to thrive in a violent society (people less used to fighting them)and also have a slightly higher average income, so it’s not all bad news!