Wonderful day today, kayaking with sea otters and seals in Moss Landing in the morning, followed by a few hours in the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas in the afternoon. Food for the soul.

We stumbled across a Cambrian beach that had weird Wicker Man-style constructions, and found a bagpipe player at the other end blasting his music out into the ocean.

I’m such a doughnut. The chilly breeze made me complacent, the tops of my feet missed out on sunscreen and this is the result of a few hours at the beach.

Waiting to get registered for the Prudential RideLondon 19. Caught the women’s race from the finish line last night and saw the horrible crash, but it hasn’t put us off.

A new government

Dorian Lynskey and Ros Taylor nail it on the latest Remainiacs podcast when they talk about the new UK government being “The worst possible cabinet of fanatics, crooks and incompetents.”

“There is no-one with any decency who would serve under Boris Johnson.”

“Prepare for the absolute worst.”

Another rainy day, another umbrella left on the train. Buying a new one on a regular basis feels like a self-imposed idiot tax. I need a new strategy to minimise my losses.