We did go to the ball! Turns out the last night of a panto run is a *lot* of fun. The cast let their hair down, forgot their lines and got up to all sort of antics. Hilariously shambolic.

Photo taken at: Milton Keynes Theatre

Friday’s Album Club no. 83. Great evening. Weird to hear ‘Red Right Hand’ in its original context after all those seasons of Peaky Blinders.


Photo taken at: Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

Came home to find the cats had been having an adventurous New Year’s Eve party of their own. Incredible skills to get this poor giant bird plus themselves through the cat flap.

Photo taken at: Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

Found on Cheapside. If you do not want to “participet”, by the time you read this it is already too late.

Photo taken at: Cheapside

Something bit me at my son’s football match yesterday and my hand has gone into ‘comedy balloon mode’.

Photo taken at: London, United Kingdom