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📚 Finished reading Listen To My Heart by Marie Fredriksson. I grew up listening to the early Roxette albums at the end of the 1980s/start of the 1990s and have always been a fan, despite my school friends thinking that being into Roxette wasn’t cool. I imagine that I would have had more hassle from my friends if the band had stuck with the name ‘Exciting Cheeses’.

What happened to Fredriksson two decades ago with her brain tumour was so shocking; it was incredible that she made it back to live performances, despite needing to be seated towards the end of her performing years. She lost the ability to read and write, so the book is ‘as told’ to Helena von Zweigbergk. I didn’t feel that it covered the Roxette years in much depth, but perhaps that was inevitable. Fredriksson’s reflection on how everyone in the modern world is “completely engrossed in their computers” — their phones — when this is something inaccessible to her was quite sobering.

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