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Weeknotes #227 — Unmowed

The week felt too short for the amount of things I was trying to cram in. Something had to give this weekend, so the lawns are going to go unmowed for another few days. Feeding them a couple of weeks back seems to have made no discernible difference, with the hardy weeds giving me a look of defiance every time I pass them. We may be reaching the stage where professional lawn help is required.

This was a week in which I:

  • Continued with the Digital Literacy presentation roadshow on Large Language Models and Generative AI. This week I covered three more departments as well as our company’s Executive Committee. Just a few more to go before we start to move forward with next steps.
  • Met with our CEO, CFO and CIO to agree a way forward for an experimental initiative, working with an external vendor.
  • Met with a colleague to prepare for a workshop next week. We are rebooting an initiative that we started in 2020 and first want to check in on how things have been working since.
  • Worked with my team on our objectives for the remainder of this year. Our next step is to plot them onto our roadmap.
  • Took part in our quarterly Architecture Governance meeting.
  • Attended the first company-wide Generative AI working group.
  • Continued to spend time time helping colleagues get set up with our password manager. Next week, we’re planning to change tack slightly to try and accelerate the process.
  • Met with a second potential vendor for clear writing training.
  • Hosted our Head of Loan Syndication and Distribution at our weekly Learning Hour session. It was fascinating to get an insight into this part of our business.
  • Helped a colleague with a difficult email, giving feedback to another team.
  • Attended our monthly Architecture Community of Practice meeting.
  • Bought Emily Webber’s Team Onion book. Emily has one of those websites where I just want to read all of the content.
  • Reviewed the materials for, and Attended, the final school Full Governing Board meeting of the year.
  • Watched my eldest boy compete in the 1500m at the English Schools Athletics Association Track and Field Championships in Birmingham. In his heat race on Friday he was tripped by another runner, but managed to get through to Saturday’s final on appeal. He was a bit disappointed with his result in the final, but it was a tough race with an extremely competitive field. We’re so proud of him.

  • Rearranged my eldest son’s bedroom while he was away. He’d been asking for a major change in where everything was. We’d been putting it off as it looked as though it was going to be like Austin Powers trying to turn a car around in a corridor. In the end it turned out to be a few hours work. A nice surprise for him when he got back from the athletics.

  • Enjoyed a friend’s 50th birthday party at The Lounge by Graze Life in Berkhamsted.
  • Said goodbye to one of our next door neighbours who is moving house next week. He’s lived in the house since the late 1960s, so it must be a massive change for him. We’re looking forward to meeting whoever moves in.
  • Had a doctor’s appointment for a random injury that doesn’t seem to be going away by itself.
  • Booked the car in for a service and MOT with only a few days to spare before it runs out. I have so many ‘little jobs’ that need doing, but I struggle to get them ticked off the list when there are bigger things going on.
  • Enjoyed two weekend bike rides, out early with the club on Saturday and then solo at a more civilised hour on Sunday.
  • Watched Gods of Tennis on BBC iPlayer. Just like Gods of Snooker before it, this is an absolutely superb series. The first episode, on Billie Jean King and Arthur Ashe, was unexpectedly emotional. What incredible people.
  • Was insulted by

Next week: Presentations and workshops.

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