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Redactle is insanely difficult. You have to guess the title of the heavily-redacted Wikipedia page, which reveals its contents to you as you find the redacted words. I solved my first one today in a pitiful 160 guesses; my wife is very smug that she did it in 59.

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  1. @adoran2 Ooh, that’s a fun one! But yes, really hard 😂 Today’s one I ended giving up and “cheating” because I knew what the article was about (the lede was reading “[REDACTED] [REDACTED], also known as [topic]…” but had NFI what the title could have been, haha. Still, I’m enjoying the challenge 💪

  2. @thedimpause I got yesterday’s/today’s in 50 and was quite pleased with myself! (Although I admit I cheated a little where I knew one of the words in the title but had to Google the spelling.) Looking forward to the new one later 😊