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Weeknotes #113 — St George’s

Friends reunited! (Photo: Daniel Russell)

Friends reunited! (Photo: Daniel Russell)

The weekend was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to write up my weeknotes until Monday. Once again it felt like a heck of a lot of meetings, with any spare time focused on getting things over the line. I struggled to prioritise work for school and have a few governor things piling up which I need to address during the coming week.

This was a week in which I:

  • Welcomed new members of the team. Although it has been sad to say goodbye to colleagues in recent months, it is great to have some new minds and fresh thinking as new people join.
  • Spent a number of hours reviewing Kanban boards and cards with the IT team and coaching them on the best ways to work with the boards. The timing is good given that we have a number of new people in the team.
  • Created some templates on one of the team Kanban boards for our joiner/leaver checklists.
  • Reviewed a vendor proposal for assistance with our flagship conference to be held later this year. Agreed in principle how we will approach it with our internal team.
  • Spent a lot of time on the large group programme, attending design authority forums and co-authoring a presentation to get our closest business colleagues aligned with our thinking.
  • Reviewed and submitted materials for our company governance committee, in a colleague’s absence.
  • Reviewed our self-assessed risk controls.
  • Saw a demo of a powerful desktop analytics tool that examines and processes news feeds, with a view to looking at whether we could make use of it for client work.
  • Attended a leadership talk hosted by the CEOs of our offices in China and Kenya.
  • Hosted a talk by one of our colleagues in the Finance department on the impact of our automation work over the past few months. It was very powerful to hear not just about the time saved, but what it has meant that he can do with the additional time each month.
  • Enjoyed a lovely, inspirational ‘random coffee’ with an IT colleague. They have been going through some personal challenges over the past few years and it was great to have the space to understand more about them.
  • Attended a Meetup on the use of coaching and mentoring as a way for teams to ‘get back to normal’ after the pandemic. I’ve made a resolution to be a bit more selective about the Meetups that I join.
  • Joined, and spoke, in a Twitter space for the first time. It’s like an even more ephemeral version of Clubhouse.
  • Heard a rumour that the NHS were taking vaccine bookings for the under-45s and got myself booked in for both appointments.
  • Found out about and signed up to the St George’s Sportive, along with my friend Ian. Many thanks to my colleague Dan (photo above) who let me know it was happening. It was great to see him after more than a year. I decided to ride there and back as well in order to make it a century ride. It was brilliant to be back outside again, riding with other people. So many hills, but it meant that the views were beautiful. The food wasn’t brilliant — cheap flapjacks, as many fig rolls as you can handle, and no hot drinks — but it didn’t take the shine off of the day. Many thanks to another Andrew who showed me the way out of Princes Risborough and into Great Missenden so that I could navigate my way home.

  • Spent a lot of my spare time thinking about cycling. I stumbled across Katie Kookaburra’s brilliant YouTube channel and have spent time lining up videos from her archive to watch. She started cycling around the same time as me but now looks like she has made it her career. Such infectious enthusiasm for riding — it’s a joy to dip into any of her videos. I’m now pondering a 300km Audax ride that is scheduled for July. It would be a massive personal challenge, but that’s the attraction.
  • Loved hearing Counting Crows’ August And Everything After again at Album Club. It had been a while.

Next week: My first vaccine! A plethora of documents to review for work and school, a couple of evening Meetups and the next F1 race of a very exciting season.

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