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  1. @bitdepth @ohBananaJoe Do you think they knew where they were taking it before they set out? I wonder how much of a storyboard they had for the three seasons before the first one got made. The last episode was great, but there were lots of characters whose threads I wanted to follow further; it left me feeling that they are a bit unresolved. Maybe that’s true of all great films and shows.

  2. @adoran2 @ohBananaJoe I am pretty sure that they did know overall where it was going. My daughter got me into the series and she told me that the creators of the show were fans of Lost and didn’t want to have the show expand to more seasons.
    I found that there were some things unresolved, but I think that they just had to make decisions about what to focus on within the limited time they had. I like a bit of ambiguity and things left unresolved in films and tv shows sometimes as it leaves room for imagination.