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  1. @adoran2 It just sounds like they are talking about smaller teams, each with a tighter product focus. There’s a lot about teaming in agile and lean literature, and about product focus, but I’ve never specifically heard the term “microteam” before.

  2. @hbowie Yeah, me neither. The term caught my eye as it speaks to me in terms of forming a small team (of two or three people, I assume) to get a specific thing done, but I can’t find much out there on it.

  3. @adoran2 I emailed the authors about it and got this response (don’t you just love the Internet!):

    Good question! We probably should have defined what we meant by that term.

    We talk about ideal team size as 7 +- 2 (for technology products). So the microteam reference simply means a team with less than 5 people.

    I think some folks have used the same terminology in blogs but I don’t have any references at hand.