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Weeknotes #96 — Never hungry

Halfway through a two-week break from work for Christmas and New Year. I have always had an ability to switch off from work, which serves me well mentally. Our eldest boy had to self-isolate until Boxing Day, so we’ve largely been confined to the house.

A week in which I:

  • Keep hearing of more and more friends and family that have had a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. I hope that the statistics don’t see a large surge due to people getting together over Christmas.
  • Had the chimney swept. We don’t use the fire much but it had been a few years since the last sweeping and thought it was about time to clean it again. It’s been lovely to have a real fire in the evening.
  • Watched a live production of A Christmas Carol from the Old Vic in London. Nowhere near as good as being there, but as close as we could get to a theatre visit this year. It felt good to be supporting the theatre with our tickets and donation as well.
  • Played some BBC Micro games with the boys via an emulator. (I think they were humouring me, but it was nice that they did.) It seems that I haven’t lost my 8-bit keyboard skills. Arcadians is still superb.

  • Enjoyed a relaxed Christmas at home. The boys were very happy with their gifts and we got to enjoy a delicious home-cooked roast dinner. I don’t eat meat and the rest of the family don’t eat it much so it was unusual to have the oven on for more than 30 minutes. The boys decided themselves to stay off of the Xbox for the day and to join us for family video calls and board games, which was lovely.
  • Laughed through an online family quiz organised by my brother. I’d never used Kahoot! before, but it was perfect — getting immediate feedback on where we were on the scoreboard after each round kept it fun for everyone.
  • Haven’t been truly hungry in some days now. Other than Christmas Day I’ve been on the turbo trainer and/or going out for a run but I fear that the level of eating is far surpassing anything that I’m burning off.
  • Had a ridiculously muddy family bike ride. All of the bridleways around here are muddy swamps. We had one boy enjoying himself and wanting to get as muddy as possible, with the other not loving it one bit and wanting to get back onto the road.
  • Seem to have got into a routine of going to sleep at 1am and getting up late. I’ll need to fix this over the next week.

Next week: More time off, with literally nothing on the agenda other than turning 44.

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