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Back on track, ramping it up

A while ago, I posted that my training goal for Ride 999 in 2015 was to keep ahead of my 2014 distance. I’m happy to say that this is now firmly secured as I have now already ridden more miles since January than I did in the whole of last year:

(You can see the bit where I went on holiday and fell ill in mid-April as the 2015 line goes flat.) Another way of looking at it is by distance ridden by month. You can see how intense the training has been this year since I signed up:

Since being ill on holiday I have tried to quickly get back into it. Last week was my biggest week of riding so far this year (over 160 miles) and although I’m a bit slower and a little wheezy at the top of hills I feel as though it is all coming back quite quickly.
This is the month where everything happens—training rides this weekend and next followed by the London Revolution and then the start of Ride 999. I’m planning to step things up by trying to get a few century rides in before we all set off on 23 May. Based on the 50–60 mile rides I have been doing I am sure I am going to feel it! If all goes to plan I should have done 1,500 miles by the end of the month, including the event itself.

If you would like to sponsor me (and I would love you to!) then please do. I really appreciate all the generous support so far, it has been truly overwhelming. The Get Connected charity is doing great work and with your help they will be able to secure their invaluable services for longer.

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