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No time to go out

We are coming to the end of a number of projects at work and as a part of this I need to be working for most of the weekend, leaving little time to get out on the bike and train. I’m trying to put out of my head the ‘fact’ I read somewhere that you lose your fitness twice as fast as you gain it. I hope that’s not true. I’m going to try and squeeze as many additional turbo sessions in as I can over the next few days to make up for it; as boring as they are I am so glad I have the option of doing something.

I’m drawing some comfort that Veloviewer is telling me that I have never started a year so well in terms of distance covered on the bike. The graph below is very motivating to me and I’m determined to keep the 2015 line as far ahead of 2014 as possible.

Next weekend I’ll hopefully be taking part in another 100km reliability ride and will be able to get that line on a better trajectory. Can’t wait.

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