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James Alexander Doran, 1920-2011

On Monday we said goodbye to my grandad, James Alexander Doran, who passed away aged 91 years. It was lovely to see so many people there. I had the privelige of being asked to read the two speeches that were prepared by my aunty Di (with a little added from me) and uncle Ronnie and thought I would share them here in case anyone would like to read them again:

It was interesting to find out that everyone celebrated grandad’s birthday on 26 January whereas his birth certificate said he was born on 27 January – my Dad had a similar experience with his birthday being celebrated two days after the actual day for quite a few years until someone stumbled across his birth certificate, so this seems to run in the family!

I also took along some photos of my grandad to the funeral and some of my relatives asked where they could get copies so – here they are:

Four generations of Doran:
Four generations of Doran!

The Dorans plus a couple of Hibberts:
The Dorans plus one Hibbert

The Doran boys plus one Hibbert:
The Doran boys plus one Hibbert

Dad and Grandad:
Dad and Grandad

Nan and Grandad:
Nan and Grandad

We’ll miss him lots.

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