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Baby update

My wife and I have been getting ever more prepared for our impending new arrival. Last Friday we took the day off work to do a little Christmas shopping and to attend an appointment at John Lewis in Oxford Street. They offer a really great service where you can spend a couple of hours with an assistant who will show you round the entire nursery department and talk you through all of the things you need to buy and consider for your baby. It was mind-boggling stuff – I never knew there were so many different makes, styles and configurations of prams, cots, cot mattresses, moses baskets, sterilisation equipment and even breast pumps! I was a bit skeptical about some of the things we saw; I know that a newborn baby needs to have sterile milk and we will probably have to get one of the many sterilisation machines that are on offer but it left me wondering how many people around the world get by without any sterilisation whatsoever. I also I know that zillions of us grew up without anti-fungal coatings on our mattreses – is it really necessary? I think that babies need to be exposed to a little bit of natural dirt and grime so that they build up their immune system, so we steered clear of that. Still, it was a very good visit and we were grateful for the insight into everything we need to buy. We were even given a free coffee and pastry while we waited for the lady to produce a ‘gift list’ containing all of the items we had chosen for our personal use.

So you can imagine the collective tinge of guilt we felt when we found ourselves looking at a bargain in Mamas and Papas on Regent Street. They had on display a lovely cot that was considerably cheaper than the one we had been considering a few hours before. Still, a saving is a saving and we do have a baby on the way so we went for it.

There’s really not long to go now. The baby’s room is nearly complete – we’ve got a carpet on order and the furniture will be with us soon as well, so it’s all starting to feel very real. The baby has also been kicking like crazy recently (which I can’t convey in this posting how amazing it is to feel!) and my wife’s been getting a good many seats offered to her on the tube. Life is good :-).

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