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Top marks to my wife for letting me know about the brilliant service at The idea behind the site is that you log a book and get a unique identification number for it which you then write onto a label or even just write by hand into the book. The text is something like this:

“I’ve registered this book at so I can track its journey through this world. Please go to to let me know you found it, then read it and/or pass it on for someone else to enjoy. Thank you!”

You then leave your book somewhere in the wild for somebody else to pick up. They can then go onto the website and register that they picked it up. Once they’re done with it, they can pass it on to the next person or leave it somewhere.

If you don’t fancy writing the text by hand you can download some cool labels instead and even buy special plastic bags to put them in so books left outside won’t get wet.

I’ve no idea why I find things like this so interesting but I know that it plays completely to my geeky tendencies. I’ve just labelled up a couple of books that we found we had two copies of here at home and we plan to release them tomorrow. I’ll put a permanent link on the right-hand-side of the blog that will show all the books I’ve released. Brilliant.

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