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Strange habits

Grim question time – ladies, you should read no further.

Can anyone explain to me the reason why blokes feel the urge to spit into a urinal while they’re using it? This seems to be happening more and more and I can’t think of a reason why. I don’t personally have the habit but it crossed my mind today at work as somebody was having a good spit next to me. I’m genuinely curious – why do these two things go together? What makes a person start to do it? Very strange.

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  1. I know what you mean and I too, don’t get it. It’s like some guys go “right… excuse me, I’ve gotta go take a spit” and peeing is secondary.

    Whilst we’re at it, who is it that’s always putting bogeys on the cubical walls? What’s that all about? Are they proud of it – so everyone should be see?