Bonfire night in Lewes

Lewes, 2005We spent a great night last night in Lewes, East Sussex, at the house of an uncle and aunt of mine. Lewes is famous for its ‘bonfire societies‘ which celebrate both Guy Fawkes Night and, according to Wikipedia, “the burning of 17 Protestant martyrs in Lewes High Street from 1555 to 1557, during the reign of Mary Tudor”. I’m not sure if the latter is something to really celebrate but we had a great time all the same!

Each bonfire society follows a route through the town and most of them passed right in front of my aunt and uncle’s house, so we had a great view. The display is amazing – hundreds of people carrying flaming torches, brass bands and drumming groups marching by, massive effigies of Guy Fawkes and other characters being dragged through the town, all with lots of noise from bangers and fireworks going off. I managed to capture a few photos – most of them aren’t great, but they give you a sense of it. There’s also a video that I took on my phone which really can’t convey the sense of shock when one of the hundreds of bangers went off in front of us.

It was great to see my uncle, aunt and cousins as well as the rest of the family and friends that were there. Thanks for a lovely evening!

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  1. And on Monday morning back at work it’s like it never happened. Lovely to see you too, Andrew and Katie. Great to catch up and looking forward to a visit to yours.


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