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Office Monkey

By chance I’ve just watched one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on TV – ITV2’s Office Monkey. Basically what happens is that two employees in an office are given a series of challenges to do, such as ‘model your friend’s fashion garment and try to sell it’ or ‘become a human stationery cupboard’ while their colleages have no idea that they are all being filmed. We saw one guy get demoted after using a one-man-band kit in the office and another told that he looked “like something out of Gay Pride” for modelling a unique vest-pants combo! At the end of the event, the managing directors of the firm walk in, tell everyone they’ve been featured on the show and award a holiday to one of the two Monkeys. So simple and yet so brilliant! But why on earth would you want your company to participate?

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  1. Hello! I am trying to find a specific episode of this show Office Monkey. It was many years ago so it is very difficult to find anything about it these days.
    By any chance, would you know where I could find them please?
    Thank you!